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Exposing the Work-Life Balance Mirage: A Deep Dive into Entrepreneurship

August 04, 2023 Chris Anderson Episode 271
The Elevate Media Podcast
Exposing the Work-Life Balance Mirage: A Deep Dive into Entrepreneurship
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What if we told you that the whole concept of work-life balance sets us up for disappointment? Brace yourselves for an enlightening discussion where we challenge the narratives surrounding pursuing a harmonious life and the misconceptions about entrepreneurship. We dive into honest conversations about the grind in reaching our life goals and the sacrifices we need to make for long-term success. It's not about working 24 hours a month and expecting a rosy life, it’s about understanding that success demands effort.

We're not here to sugarcoat things. Starting a business is not as simple as leaving your 9 to 5 job and suddenly having a Ferrari in your garage. We must prioritize and manage our time effectively, making strategic decisions about what we're willing to give up for the sake of our dreams. And most importantly, how we spend our time now will determine our growth and success in the future. So, are you spending time on activities that fuel your growth, or are you wasting your potential? 

Let's take a hard look at ourselves and our routines. It's time to break free from the illusion of work-life balance and step into the reality of what it takes to elevate ourselves, our brand truly, and our agency.

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Speaker 1:

Welcome to the Elevate Media Podcast with your host, Chris Anderson. In this show, Chris and his guests will share their knowledge and experience on how to go from zero to successful entrepreneur. They have built their businesses from scratch and are now ready to give back to those who are just starting. Let's get ready to learn, grow and elevate our businesses. And now your host, Chris Anderson.

Speaker 2:

Alright, welcome back to another recording of the Elevate Media Podcast. I'm Chris Anderson, your host Today. I might ruffle some feathers with this. We're talking about work-life balance and how that is just a myth, and we've gone so far with this work-life balance crap that it's going to hurt a lot of the generations coming up, especially because they think that they can just have whatever they want as far as their life goes, without really working for it. And so I don't know, I'm just getting a little irritated hearing everybody and talking to people and hearing them say like, oh yeah, I just want work-life balance. I don't want, you know, to have to work too much and I feel like I'm getting burned out because I'm going to have to work you know X amount of hours and stuff and it's just, it's kind of comical but it's also frustrating from an entrepreneur, business owner perspective. And I understand I want to have some sort of harmony in life. We want to be able to enjoy life and do fun things and go experience things, and I'm all for that. I'm all for having that harmony and being able to spend time with family. That's why I started business to get to that point. But when it gets to the point like this story. This individual I was talking to, they're just feeling really burned out. They were doing a whole lot and you know, they got a lot of life, they got a lot of stuff going on and so they just were feeling really burned out with all the work they were doing and they're all about work-life balance. So they wanted that to be understood in this conversation. So I said how much are you working? Like, what is it? What have they got going on? And the individual said and this is this is what I'm about to say is correct he said you know, I've just been working 24 hours a month as this part-time contractor and I'm just feeling burnout 24 hours a month, 24 hours a month. And they're feeling burnt out and more work-life balance. They are in for a rude awakening and so many people are thinking that this is what it's going to be and it's not, with AI coming in and being able to do some jobs that if you're not going to utilize, you're going to get left behind. This idea, you know, of just working very few hours and having the life and like and being burnt out for 24 hours a month, that's not a mistake. A month, they said, not a week a month. I understand everyone has things going on in life that they have to deal with Mental struggles, physical struggles, family struggles. I get it and get those things are there and I hope this person gets help for those things, because we all need to seek help if we're dealing with these struggles, especially if you're feeling burnout after 24 hours a month in your job as a part-time contractor. But if you want anything more from life, if you want to get to that next level, if you want to succeed, if you have bigger dreams and aspirations which a lot of you listening to this do you've got to suck it up a little bit. My goodness, like. We're at the point in life that it's just getting ridiculous how many and you know not everyone, but a lot of people you know younger than me, gen Z and all those guys, whatever they are, they just want this pain-free, easy ride in life. They want to find a job they love and are passionate about and that have no negativity and they want everyone to listen to their opinions. But if you don't have the same opinion and they're going to get mad like they, just it's so fragile, like, and we've got to understand that this work-life balance thing is a myth. There is no work-life balance. It means balance means something matters more than the other. And I think we're here, we're probably just planning to work in some form or fashion and that work can be fun and you can enjoy it, but it's so work. I mean, if I could pick anything, I would love to just be, you know, hiking trails all the time, or sitting on the beach and traveling. Like I can't do that 24-7. I got a family to provide for. The world runs on money. Sorry, unless you have a means and I have to worry about any of that. You're going to have to work but you still want to have a life. But it can't. There's no balance. Like you have to just have that harmony. You have to understand, like there are times that I'm going to have to do stuff that is just annoying or hard and I'm about to put in the hours. Like sometimes it's not going to be a perfect cookie cookie, you know plan. It's just we've come so far and we've been so kind of like almost brainwashed with the self-help and the. You know, build your life, which I'm all about, build the life you love, but you have to understand what it takes to build that life. There is no work-life balance. If you want something better, there's harmony, and eventually you just get in that ability to do it and mesh it and enjoy it. Being burned out after 24 hours a month in your first part-time job, I really hope this individual is getting the resources they need, because they're dealing with a lot more, I think. But still, like if you're out there saying, yeah, I'm going to have work like I'm going to get into a career, I'm going to graduate college, I'm going to get into a career, it's going to be great, I'm going to be able to work from home wherever I want, travel all the time whenever I want, and you know, at you know X, x time I'm going to be done, work in each day. It doesn't always work that way. I mean, if you're working for something that's making a difference and making an impact, there'd be times that you're going to have to do a little bit past those hours. You're not going to have the luxury in the future, probably, and many jobs, to work virtually all the time everywhere. And so if that's the case, if we get back to doing that, or even a hybrid model and you're all about your freedom and your work-life balance. What are you going to do when no one wants to hire you because you won't work and you won't put in the effort? And I get it. We're different than you know. My parents' generations and they stayed at jobs for decades and decades and I understand you know. Moving to fit, moving on to different jobs to fit your position and level and aspirations and things, it's fine. But you're going to have to put the work in. Like you don't have harmony. But the balance is just. It's going to keep going back and forth. If you can have the harmony and you're saying like this is what I'm doing so I can have the life I want, and it just all works in tandem, that'd be great. But to think that you're not going to be able to put in the hours or that you're not going to have to put in the hours, like it just blew my mind, it's just and I guess maybe that's just my mindset and my direction and my goals and aspirations, like I don't want to just like bring on the challenges. I quit my job called Turkey to get to something different and it's all been challenges. And sure has it been hard. Have I been tired? Yeah, and I think that's another thing. We think tired or we think burnout when we're really just super tired, like burnout is when you just can't do anything. You can't go on, you can't do anything Sometimes. Sometimes we just get tired and that's okay, that's part of it. But we gotta be careful using that burnout. It's a big word now, burnout, work-life balance. It's just I don't know. It's just we're setting ourselves, our younger generations, up for a lot of hurt if they don't realize that sometimes deadlines of projects change and you have to get things done and really put your nose down, but it's not gonna be 24-7, there'll be moments for it, and if you're not up for that, then the job you get will mirror that and it probably won't be financially backing where you can then go and travel all you want. So it's just something that came up and I just really been thinking about it and it was a dream of. Whatever one thinks entrepreneurship, when they see these people on the beach with all these fancy cars and girls that they've rented, you know it's a joke and it's giving people the wrong thoughts behind it and what they could do with their lives, when in reality, entrepreneurship is hard. You're going to have to grind. There is no balance. You've just kind of harmonized with it all and keep moving through when it's hard. So if you're listening to this trying to start your business and you're thinking, yeah, you know, I'm gonna create a successful business, but I'm only gonna work four hours a week because Tim Ferriss said I can do that, you're in for a rude awakening because it doesn't happen like that. It is a grind, it is hard, it can be simple and I've said this before but it takes work and effort. So if 24 hours a month is too much for you, maybe you need to seek some help for different things or find a different path. But don't get it twisted that you're gonna be able to go out there and start a business and be drinking martinis or tiki drinks on the beach and just lounging around after working for an hour. You can get to that if that's what you want. But starting out, you're gonna have to go through a lot more work and grinding and sacrifice than what you see from all these flashy. Look at me on my yacht or look at me with my Bugatti or whatever it is people out there pushing that, wasting money, just to show that side of things when it's not even the reality. So this is the episode for this week. It's just, it's sad and it angers me that people are giving early starting entrepreneurs the idea that they can just work and I'm not saying Tim Ferriss did his, but you can be. It's more than that. But people see that title and think that's what I want. But, like other people who are giving the false narrative, the false idea that you can start a business and you will be quitting your job and sipping my ties on a beach somewhere with your Ferrari back home in your garage, like those are things you can get to if you want, but starting out, there is no balance. There's trying to harmonize everything, sacrificing things that don't matter in the short term to get where you want in the long term. And those sacrifices are different for everybody. You know there's sleep, health, relationships, family. It's different for it's whatever you choose. I'm not saying what's you should sacrifice. I'm not saying there's a right or wrong way, but you've got to make a choice. You only have so many hours in a day, so how much are you gonna sleep? How much are you gonna work out? How much are you gonna sit watch Netflix? How much are you gonna spend partying with your friends? How much time are you gonna spend with your family? How much time are you gonna spend on business? How much time are you gonna spend connecting with new people, going to events? You've got to figure out where your time is going, and if you have a nine to five, there's even less to decide after, so it's gonna extend your timeframe. So you've really got to be adamant about where your time goes and harmonize your life together. Maybe it's where you sacrifice individual time with your family, where you're spending time with your family, but you're also doing work. So you're in the same city, you can watch your kids play, you can still have a conversation with a wife, but you're still making content, you're still writing blog posts, you're still editing whatever. It is Like I did, starting early on. You've got to understand that, because this whole I, just I need work, life balance in 24 hours a month to just feel and burn out. You're in for a rude awakening Like open your eyes and suck it up. I don't know what I mean. Get help and then suck it up. It's just we coddle too much to all this, you know. Oh, it's okay to be fat, it's okay to be unhealthy, it's okay to. You know, just sit around for hours and hours and hours and watch Netflix, like what are you dealing with your life? Like you have so much potential. And that's what gets me is people have so much potential and purpose in their life but they're throwing it away to just binge Netflix or play a bunch of Call of Duty or go party and drink a bunch of alcohol or not work out and take care of their bodies. There's so much they're missing out on shortening their lifespan, not taking the step forward in their strengths to do great things. Like there is no, it's just. It just frustrates me because so many people are missing their potential, everything in life, because they're just wanting this nice, easy work-life balance. And I don't know this is a rant, probably, episode I apologize, not really, I don't, I don't apologize. If this triggers you, then maybe there's an issue you need to look at. But if there is something deeper, please, please, reach out to your doctor, to counselor, psychiatrist, whatever it is, your pastor, somebody, reach out and get help. If it's a deeper, rooted issue, we want you to get better, we want you to heal and grow. But if it's just that you're, you're tired of working hours, that's it. If you're just lazy, get off your rear end and make a difference. Only you can choose to do that. And if not, if you don't choose to do that, then stop complaining about everybody who is oh, it's just genetics. Oh, they were giving money. Oh, they just got lucky. No, bull crap, they probably worked their rear end off while you're just sitting on yours. So when I heard that, when I heard that sorry, it's 24 hours a month, I'm burned out as too much. I want better work-life balance, like really, really. So I don't know. This episode, I guess, is just a rant and I hope that open your eyes and I hope it maybe spurs you in the in the right direction. If it irritated you or angered, you send me a message as well. Glad to have a conversation. I'm open to other people's opinions. It's not gonna shove it away or are you with you? But I'd love to hear other people's opinions as well. But yeah, you just got put in the work to be able to have more of what you want, whatever it is, you still have to put in the work. So that's all for this episode. Again, I love you all. Thank you so much for tuning in. If you haven't leave a rating or review of the podcast. Send me a message at christanderson on Instagram. Let me know how much you hated this episode or how much you liked it, or what we can talk about next, what you want to know about growing an agency, an online business or anything about podcasting. So until next time, keep moving forward, keep elevating yourself, elevate your brand, elevate your agency, and we'll talk to you next time.

Speaker 1:

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