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Reclaiming Control: Dismantling Victim Mentality in Business and Life

August 11, 2023 Chris Anderson Episode 274
The Elevate Media Podcast
Reclaiming Control: Dismantling Victim Mentality in Business and Life
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Are you sick of feeling like a victim of your circumstances? Yearning to break free from the limitations and finally take control of your life and business? In this hard-hitting episode of the Elevate Media Podcast, I, Chris Anderson, take you on a transformative journey as we dismantle the victim mentality and reclaim the power to dictate our own outcomes. I dismantle the myth that our environment determines our success or failure, arguing that it's our response to the environment that truly matters. 

Are you an entrepreneur starting out or trying to grow your agency? You're in the right place. This episode is an empowering exploration into the power of positive focus and resilience in the face of adversity. I share essential insights on how focusing on small victories, continual growth, and taking ownership of your circumstances can lead to a major shift in your business and life. It's time to stop blaming circumstances and start taking charge. It's not your environment that makes you a hard-boiled egg or a softened potato - it's you. Let's elevate your life and business together!

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Speaker 1:

Welcome to the Elevate Media Podcast with your host, Chris Anderson. In this show, Chris and his guests will share their knowledge and experience on how to go from zero to successful entrepreneur. They have built their businesses from scratch and are now ready to give back to those who are just starting. Let's get ready to learn, grow and elevate our businesses. And now your host, Chris Anderson.

Speaker 2:

Welcome back to another recording of the Elevate Media Podcast. I'm Chris Anderson, your host. We all live and come from different environments. Those environments can be good, they can be hard, they can be changing, but we're all in an environment. Two people could be in the same environment and come out of it with different results. Now why is that? So? Let's take a step back. I want to tell you a quote I heard, and the quote goes Boiling water, it's the same temperature that hard boils an egg, but it can make a potato soft. And this quote kind of really stuck with me because it's about our environments. Our environments be the same, but how we react and what we allow that to do in our lives changes our outcomes. It's all about us, it's not about our environment. We could all be in the same environment. It could be terrible, but we could have people succeed and do great and people who fail and don't do anything. You can't blame your environment. You can't blame where you came from. You can't blame where you're at. You can't blame the left or the right or whatever it is. You have to take responsibility and you dictate your results. So that's what I wanted to just share. This quick episode is as an entrepreneur starting out, as you're trying to build your agency, you could get caught up in what was me. Nothing's going right. You know X, y and Z that person is. You know they've got all the luck or success. And that's crap, because you dictate your outcomes by the actions you choose, by the mindset you build and by what you focus on. And so you focus on the negativity. If you focus on the lack, if you focus on that scarcity, that competition, you're going to struggle. But if you can focus on the opposite, if you can focus on the success, if you can focus on the growth, if you can focus on the little wins, as you're growing your agency, your business, your perspective changes, your mindset changes, the results will change. It might not be immediate or right away, but if you can continue down that path, things will change for the better. So you've really got to understand it's not the environment you're in, but it's your response to it. How do you take on those challenges, those hard times, those obstacles? Because the same person can be in the same environment and one chooses to go out things on one way and one person goes at it the other way and get different results. So remember that when you're in the thick of things, when things seem rough, when they're good, how do you go out of it? How do you take that environment? How do you respond? Don't be a soft potato. Take it head on the best you can and keep moving forward and see the small victories, see the small improvements, see the small wins along the way and don't get all. Woe is me. And blaming everyone else, that's another thing. Stop blaming everyone else. Take responsibility for where you're at in life and make a change, because even in your environment, take responsibility of it, take ownership and make a difference, because you got people all over the place who came from nothing, who are successful. Don't let your environment make you soft. Choose the outcome that you want and no matter what, despite your environment, whatever it is, you can succeed and you can move forward and you make a change. So again, this is just a quote I heard Boiling water is the same boiling water that hard boils an egg can also soften a potato. It's not the environment that dictates our success, it's us. Go out there, elevate your life, elevate your business. We'll talk to you again soon.

Speaker 1:

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