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No audience? No Problem! Business growth tips.

September 01, 2023 Chris Anderson Episode 283
The Elevate Media Podcast
No audience? No Problem! Business growth tips.
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Master the art of building a flourishing business from the ground up, regardless of your current audience size. We promise that by the end of this episode, you'll have a clear understanding of how to identify your niche, define your unique value proposition, and leverage social media platforms to grow your audience. We emphasize the significance of creating engaging content that resonates with your audience while also adding value to their lives.

But that's not all, dear listener. We also navigate the often intimidating world of networking and collaborations. We spill the beans on how to start genuine conversations, build meaningful relationships, and foster collaborations that can help your business grow exponentially. We wrap up the episode with a heart-to-heart on brand resilience and the importance of staying motivated during challenging times. From stormy weathers to sunny days, we cover it all. So buckle up, because this episode is a goldmine of actionable advice that will elevate your business to new heights.

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Speaker 1:

Welcome to the Elevate Media Podcast with your host, chris Anderson. In this show, chris and his guests will share their knowledge and experience on how to go from zero to successful entrepreneur. They have built their businesses from scratch and are now ready to give back to those who are just starting. Let's get ready to learn, grow and elevate our businesses. And now your host, chris Anderson.

Speaker 2:

Welcome back to another recording of the Elevate Media Podcast. I am Chris Anderson, your host, and today we're going to dive into something you might be thinking about when you're building your brand or starting out building your podcast. What if I don't have an audience? How am I going to make money? How am I going to grow? This episode's for you, because I'm going to tell you how. So, starting a business with small or no audience might feel like a puzzle to you, but you're missing some of the pieces, right? So don't worry, I've got some tips. I've got some stuff to help you piece it all together and watch your business bloom. So let's get into it. All right, to start off, we're going to lay the foundation. So close your eyes if you're not driving, and picture this. You're building a house and you need a strong foundation, right? Starting a business is just like that. You've got to begin with a clear foundation, a clear plan. So first you've got to find your niche. Who is that person you're going to help? It's like finding your special spot in the business world. Who are you here to help? What do you do better than anyone else, and will they pay for it? Once you know that you're going to be like a superhero with a secret power. Then you've got to move into that next part, which is your unique value proposition. Just fancy words, for what do you do better? What makes you stand out in the market of people doing that same thing? Maybe you're very fast, maybe your delivery is super quick, or maybe you're the best baker in town. You've got to let that shine, something like you put on a neon sign. What is that? At Elevate Media, it's our high quality content we create for our clients and the speed in which we deliver it. So that's our USP. We do it better than anyone out there, and so that's what we share and put out into the market. And you got to remember your brand is like your business's outfit. You got to make it look awesome and match what you're all about. Colors, logos and brand's personality they all matter, but don't get caught up in all that. So then we're going to move into the second section, which is creating valuable content. Now we've done other episodes about how to create content, overcome creative blocks, things like that, so go check those out. But we're going to dive into content is like that light that attracts the fly. The content is that for people to your business, except it doesn't fry them and stun them when they get there. So we're moving into the next section of creating valuable content. You've got your foundation. Now we're going to build on top of it with content. Content is what attracts people to your business. Imagine you're a cooking expert. Maybe you are. Maybe that's what your business is about. You share cool recipes, cooking tips and stories about your kitchen adventures. People love useful stuff and they also love when they're being helped and being entertained. So when you can hit on multiple of those areas, they're going to stick around. And here's a secret Solve problems. Maybe you have a product that makes life easier. Show how it works. Share how to videos, step by step guides. Your audience is going to thank you for it. We can thank Alex Formosi. Give the very best away for free how to do things, and when they're ready for your thing, they're going to reach out. And then don't forget stories. Have you ever heard a story that just has made you go wow, or like really can? Or story you can do that. Share stories about your journey, your clients, how your business makes it, how your business makes a difference. Stories help you connect with people. It's like magic Stories. Facts tell, stories sell is what people say. So to level that up, so you share stories, you entertain, and then you can create educational content as well. If you can teach your audience something new, if you can solve a small problem quickly, then they're gonna be tied into it, they're not gonna leave, they're gonna love what you're doing. When you share that knowledge, people see you as an expert as well. They see you as an authority in that space, which is why you have to get out there and create video, create content, get it out there. Even if you're just starting out with no audience, you've got something valuable to share. Create content that helps, teaches and entertains, and that's how you turn a small audience into bigger fans. And remember, you don't need a huge audience to create a business that can sustain you so you can quit your nine to five. You just have to have the right people. So don't think you have to be 100,000 followers and things like that. You don't have to be Alex Ramosy to build a life of freedom. Okay, solve a problem for free with the most valuable content you can, and then, once they've solved that problem, you have the solution to a bigger problem. That, then, is your product or service, but just start. That's the only way to grow. So now we're gonna move into the next section, which is leveraging social media Free platforms to grow an audience. Maybe you only have a handful of followers, maybe you haven't even started a social media profile yet. This can be your megaphone regardless. First, though, you have to pick the right platform. If you're artsy, you have to pick the platform based on where your audience is and then learn that platform. They all are different and you probably know them. Do your research, see where your audience hangs out most and starts there, and you can gradually grow into being on multiple platforms. But you've gotta be consistent, whether it be with your content, with your video podcast. You've gotta be consistent and be that superhero who shows up. Don't be the one who shows up and disappears sometimes. Right, that's not cool. Your audience wants to see you regularly. They wanna know, they can trust on you to be there with your awesome content and then engage. Gotta have engagement. Respond to the comments, the messages, and make your audience feel like they're part of your journey, answer their questions and show them you care. It's again, it's like having a chat with a friend. Don't be weird about it. Don't overthink it Like it's just chatting with someone, like you and I are doing right now. But I wanna make sure you stay tuned because we're gonna be diving into more of how to build that by networking, building collaborations, which will give your business more growth, even from scratch. All right, so stay tuned. We got a quick message before we dive into that. Awesome, we're back into it. We're gonna get into now networking, building collaborations and how that can help your business and audience grow. We're gonna go into networking, like I said, but engagement things with email and some more great tips that you can implement. Now your business is like a garden. With a little care and the right strategies, you're gonna have a beautiful blooming garden. Okay, so let's dive into it. Networking and collaboration you might think, but I have a small audience. No one's gonna listen, no one wants to hear me. Don't talk to yourself that way. But don't have any worries, because networking is like planting the seeds for your business garden. The more relationships you can build, the more growth you can have. It's like when you go to a party and you make new friends. It's super simple. You're all the same thing, you enjoy the same thing, so it's easy. Networking is like that for business you can go to events or things that are all geared towards the same thing. So you have that in comments, so you just connect with them. Then you go, follow them on social media, you interact with their posts, you engage and you start conversations just like a normal person. It doesn't have to be anything weird or sleazy or awkward, just be a person. You saw them go on that vacation, say. I saw you went on a vacation. How was that place? We thought about going there. What was your favorite part, dude? That you went to that concert? That look legit. I bet that was a lot of fun. Just conversations about things you have in common, things you like, things they were, they're doing you think are cool, doesn't have to be anything crazy. Just be a person. Social media has made us forget how to just Converse with people. Just go out there, connect, meet people, have connections, see where you have things in common and just talk about them. And then eventually it's gonna be about what do you do? Oh, I do this, okay, cool. Yeah, if you know anyone who's looking for that, if I know anyone who wants your stuff, I'll send a mirror way. You just do that Like. It doesn't have to be rocket science, so you do that and then you can start building collaborations, which is a secret weapon. This is where you partner up with others who have similar audiences this year's, and Maybe you both go on Instagram live or Facebook live or co-create content. It's like inviting new friends to the party, so you're expanding the amount of people at your party. So remember, even with a tiny audience, you can build big connections. Networking and collaborations are like the sprinkles on your cupcake they make it even more delicious. So we're gonna move right along to the next section, which we're talking about engaging with your initial audience. So, once you've built even a small audience, you want to focus on them. You want to build that bond and that trust with them early on. Even if it's a small group, they're your biggest fans, they're listening to your stuff, so connect with them. I have conversations with them, reply to their comments. It's not that difficult. I just show you care and when they feel heard, they're gonna stick around and then they're going to do the best thing, which is share it with other people. And that's how you grow organically Caring about the audience you have, even if it's one person, and they're gonna continue to tell people and they're gonna tell people and blah, blah, blah is gonna expand. Make it feel like you have friendships. Make it the community feeling. Imagine you have your business is a clubhouse. You encourage your audience to share their thoughts and stories there. It's like the cool club that everyone's divided to you just make everyone feel a part of it. And guess what Do? Live sessions those ask me anything. Sessions where you get on live and take questions from people listening behind the scene video, show them what you do, how you hang out and it maybe bring someone on. That'll create connections. That last, because they're engaged, they're a part of it, they're invested. And in this next section, we're gonna be talking about offering value and building trust, which is the next step. So when you offer valuable stuff for free, like guides, resources, tools, playbooks, books, whatever it is it's giving your audience a taste of how awesome you are. Alex from Rosie obviously the king of this. It builds trust and building trust is like building a bridge be honest, transparent, consistent and then, when they trust you, they're gonna come back again and again and they're gonna share it. It's like having that loyal fan in your corner. They're cheering for you and you're helping them, which is the best part of all. Remember, every customer is like a friend. You want to treat them with care and respect. You want to treat them the absolute best that you can. You do that with all your clients and then, when they have an experience, that's awesome. They're gonna spread the word to their friends and it's gonna grow. Word of mouth Matt is magic. It's so amazing. Referrals that come in because you do a great job. Those are the best. And then, as you're growing this next session, this next section, which is email marketing, you're gonna start building a list off social media. Through all the free stuff You're giving, you're gonna be able to collect data of these, these prospects, of these audience members, and you're gonna be have a direct communication with them then. So, once you have their email and their or their cell phone, you're gonna be able to send a message straight to them. It's like it's like the putting them in a VIP club. They're gonna get something even better because they're on that list. So you can offer them something cool Maybe something at a discount or something and no one else sees Just for being on your email list. And you get them on your email list by providing value through a lead magnet that's valuable for them as well, and then, once they're on your list, you can continue to send emails to them or text to them, just giving them more value, more resources, more help, more motivation, whatever it is. Share more content with them and try to make it like you're talking to someone a friend at a coffee shop. Email marketing is like keeping the conversation that you initially started through your podcast or your social media going. You don't want to spam. You want to send useful stuff that your audience actually love and use. So go out there and make sure you're using the best Utilizing email, the best way possible to continue to warm up your audience members. And in the last section, we're talking about embracing patience and persistence. Growing a business from scratch takes time, even if your audience is small. Now remember Rome wasn't built in a day. Be persistent, like a plant growing towards the sun. Keep sharing awesome content. Engage with your audience and try new strategies. Slow progress is still progress and you're passing people who are standing still not doing anything. And remember, celebrate the small wins. Imagine you're climbing a mountain. Each step is an achievement, whether it's a new follower, a comment or a sale. These small wins add up to big success. And don't forget to stay positive and adaptable. It's like when you're running a marathon, there's going to be hills and there are going to be turns you have to take. There are going to be people passing you and you've just got to stay curious and willing to learn new things and stay at it. Remember you have to walk for a second. Adaptation is important. Know when you need to walk, when you need to stretch, when you need to get water, when you need to get fuel, and do that along the race and you'll win. You'll eventually win, and winning is just you finishing right, getting a better time, just reaching the finish line. That's a success. It's a marathon of multiple marathons about building a business. So we've talked about having no audience or a small audience, and how to grow that, how to nurture that and how to continue to grow. Nurture that and not giving up. Remember, even the mightiest oak tree started as a small nut. So you might feel crazy and like a nut of your own, but you too can grow something massive, grow something super strong that can support you, your family, for generations to come. But it takes time and when you go through those storms, remember, storms make trees, roots go deeper, and deep roots keep that tree in place. And we're going to have storms. So don't give up, keep moving forward and I can't wait to see all this success you have. So until next time, make sure you go out there, elevate your life, elevate your show, elevate your brand, and we'll talk to you soon.

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